This will be remembered as the “Frustration” week. It all started with a little domestic accident where Clara cut her cornea… She’s better now, but that’s why she was wearing glasses in the video!

Perhaps in a natural response after last’s week overworking, this week we both hit our frustration limit. We both felt at different times that our hard work wasn’t paying off or wasn’t recognized enough. 

How did you deal with all the frustration? You may ask… Well, Paula overworking even more. Don’t try this at home, kids. If your sister tells you “You can’t do this, you will not get enough sleep”...listen to her. She is probably right. Staying awake an entire night and going to work the next day is NOT a good idea. Clara, on the other hand, had a couple of emotional meltdowns, got extremely proud and just tried by all means to prove wrong everyone thinking that we weren't working enough.

Also, we both got our period this week, which probably made it all much worse… People on their periods should really have the right to a couple of days off, don’t you think? xD