As we said, this past week was the most intense one. We had 5 STL official meetings with Susana Piegas, David Prescott, Scot Stafford, Shiho Fukuhara and the Tribe Advisors…

But since we are the most over optimistic and reckless team ever… we thought we could save some more time for 3 MORE extra meetings with Kris Pearn and 2 experts from outside STL.

On wednesday, after Scot’s session, we had a meeting with the amazing documentary maker and journalist Adrián San Román. He helped us with the two structures we were working on until that moment and gave us some precious advice like:

-Do not cling too much to the classic chronological narration style.

-Think of a good cold open that states a clear unknown from the beginning of the film
-And finally, have a shorter introduction (because in our structures the intro parts were a bit too long).
But Adrián also gave us a big “Ahá” moment where we rescued an idea we discarded back in 2019: the roadmovie unifying thread. That gave us the continuity we needed in the structure.

On thursday we asked Kris Pearn to do an extra mentorship with us and he kindly accepted. We discussed the new ideas we had for the structure after Adrián’s meeting and he really helped us put in order all our thoughts. He said we should start editing the timeline as soon as possible to be able to see what was the material we really had and we all realized that the main structuring work would be done in the editing phase. So that’s enough structure for now, guys! We will follow Kris’s advice and get back to our original ideas and what we wanted to convey: freedom, freedom and freedom. It’s a documentary about freedom.

Lastly, on friday we had a super interesting meeting with our Mom’s neurologist, Dr. José Manuel Aldrey Vázquez. He gave us a masterclass in PCA’s symptoms and helped us tremendously in understanding how people with PCA see things (which, believe us, it’s reaaally difficult).  We will not get in details (you’ll have to see our film if you are curious!), but in summary he explained very technical and scientific stuff, he helped us with the contradiction that David pointed in his meeting (we were simply not understanding how the symptoms work together and we are now going to delete some of the VFX we had been planning, but add others in exchange). And he even gave some ideas to how we could depict some things on screen. We learned a lot and it was amazing!

PS: If you ever participate in Sony Talent League and try to balance it with a full time job... DO NOT schedule that much meetings in a single week. Just don't do it.