This week we accomplished something amazing and very necessary to get all the rest of the process done: we finnished a structure! It’s not a definitive one, but at least it’s the first full one.

Kris’s mentorship on Tuesday was filled with the usual and wonderful “aha moments”, as Susana Piegas likes to call them. Clara couldn’t attend but she was still oddly present because Paula and Kris talked a lot about her. They discussed their different points of view and other possible versions of the structure combining the sister’s and the mum's point of view.

He also gave us some good tips we think you might get some use out of: 

You have to prove if the thread of your story/structure/script holds.
Find a person who doesn’t know a thing about it and see if they get it.
If they are confused, be aware! It means you should clarify your story.
And finally, whatever choice you make in the writing, make sure it’s an emotional one.

Our homework for Kris is to translate the structure into an edited timeline to allow us to see the material we have; and to do a new structure with some of the points Paula and him discussed during the session.

Vani’s session was a wake-up call for us because we were so focused on the structure and the details that we almost had forgotten about our goal for the end of STL and the mentorships, which is to have a pitch deck and a teaser to search for funding and producers. So thank you Vani for being our lighthouse. We tend to get a bit lost in the forest and forget our long term objectives sometimes… 

Our homework for Vani is to start filling the pitch deck. It doesn’t need to be perfect or beautiful, we just need to start writing it down to be able to edit it later. 

And of course… start working on that teaser!