Finish deciding on the prototype
Find a solution to get the physical photos from Spain
Get the physical photos from Spain (?)
Scan and check old photos, docs and digital photos and docs (?)
Research PCA's symptoms
Schedule a meeting with Dr. Aldrey to make sure the info is ok

Share script with Kris Pearn and work on it with him on Thursday

  • Revise script beforehand and prepare questions

Decide on what music/sound design we want
Meet with Chrisna on Tuesday

Ask Vani to send us the Documentary Pitch bible Example
Start working on the Pitch Bible (Visual and Sound)

Start answering Mentor’s Kick-off Meeting questions

1. Kick off revise
2. Musica
3. Script
4. PCA Aldrey
5. Photos Spain
7. Start working on bible
8. Start answering mentors questions