Carmela, a life of freedom


  • Paula Bonaval
  • Clara Vior
  • Film

"Carmela, a life of freedom" is a feature documentary film about our mom's story and our journey to tell it. She suffered from a rare variant of Alzheimer's called PCA (Posterior Cortical Atrophy), which starts affecting your capacity to process and understand what you are seeing. It robs you of your independence and, to our mom, independence meant freedom. After the diagnosis, she tried to kill herself and was locked up on a psychiatric hospital. As painful as it was, we decided to help her die, because we understood how important Freedom was for her. The film will follow this narrative, but also our journey of making this movie, including the research and process of creating VFX to depict the symptoms that our mom had. We want to get ad close as we can to what she was seeing and feeling and we think this would be of great help to people in her situation, families and healthcare workers. We also hope to raise awareness on the right to die with dignity and the end of psychiatric violence. We will interview activists for these social issues, her neurologist and her family and friends. We want to send a message of hope and strenght in spite of the suffering. This is a powerful story. A story about love, life and death, and above all, freedom.

Project diary