The goal for this upcoming week is quite simple, finish the entire project… simple right? Okay, okay maybe not the final project. We would like to have a first draft that includes most of the final art pieces and the script of what and how we are going to present to send to our mentors. This will allow us the time to receive the feedback in order to add the elements that are missing and take out the ones that don’t add to the presentation. There is so much Elizabeth and I can say about this project which means we could talk for 30 minutes but since we only have ten our main goal for this week is making sure that what is included gets our message across. We want the love of the characters and the town to come across, the excitement of the expandability, and the importance of educational element that are interwoven with the project to come across first and foremost. This is probably our hardest goal yet but with the help of our mentors we know we will get this presentation to where it needs to be