Kelvin Shani



Graphic Design

Motion graphics animator


Creative Director


Kelvin Shani is an illustrator and animator based in Nairobi, Kenya. He is the Creative Director of SirNare Animation Studios, a team of storytellers and communication experts hellbent on influencing the world for the good through bringing revolutionary ideas to life. SirNare works with visionaries from all walks of life including intergovernmental agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), commercial enterprises- large and small, and the public sector. In his spare time, he pursues photography with a bias on capturing light and its play on landscapes. Kelvin also loves watching movies, listening to music as well as exploring new spaces. He lives to inspire the world through words and pictures and by contributing a positive and authentic African experience to the universal library.

Work Experience

2015 -Present day

Creative Director/ Founder

SirNare Animation Studios Limited

Developing creative communication solutions for corporates, non profit organisations and institutions with a focus on illustration, animation and design.

2010 -2015

Creative director/ Founding Patner

Absolute Media Pictures

I helped develop the animation and computer graphics department of the company. This involved creating character animations both 2D and 3D, Compositing and Motion graphics for advertisiments.

2009 -2010

Character Animator

Tinga Tinga Animation Studio

Develop captivating character animation. Report to an animation supervisor and collaborate with animation team to produce 10mins of animation per month.

2008 -2009

Graphic Designer

Go Creations

Junior graphic designer. I was under tutilage by a senior graphic designer and provided support in designing layouts for fliers, newsletters, website layouts and illustrations for publications.

2007 -2008

Fashion Illustrator

Mcensal Fashion House

My duties involved creating mockup illustrations based on materials and styles provided by the head designer. I would then draw images by hand of models wearing the clothes.


2007 -2007

Certificate in 3D Multimedia design

Shang Tao Media College

3d Multimedia design

My courses included: 1. Graphic design 2. Motion graphics 3. 3D modelling and animation 4. Multimedia design



13 Years of Experience

Graphic Design

13 Years of Experience

Motion graphics animator

8 Years of Experience


5 Years of Experience

Creative Director

5 Years of Experience

Background Painting

3 Years of Experience