Magnus Lehmann

United States

I love my family, am daily strengthened by my faith, and am a hardcore gamer to this day. I live in Colorado and get to help shape the Creative environment at Riot Games.


I had the privilege to work on teams the size of two up to companies of almost 80,000 (Microsoft). I also worked as a freelancer for 3 years mainly creating 3D animation/models/rigs/renders for commercials. This trains you to think on your feet and learn the breadth of 3D creation as a whole. After those three years I doubled down on character animation through animation mentor and landed a job at Microsoft in games and then at Sony Imageworks on "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs". After that movie I was looking for a job between movies and started at a small start up called "Riot Games". It's been 13 years since. Before taking on the role as Head of Creative to support all of Riot's Creatives, I worked as an animator on League of Legends (2009-13), Art Lead on R&D (2013-14), Art Director on League of Legends (2015-18, skins/PIE team), and then Associate Art Director on Legends of Runeterra with the Realization team (2018-20, leading the spell/level up/gameplay visualization). During my time at Riot I was lucky enough to have worked on a plethora of champions, game modes like Dominion and Howling Abyss or the Summoners Rift rework (leading our creature animations efforts), directed our first endeavors into trailers, and a lot of other things. Some of my favorite characters I worked on are Draven, Diana, Kha'zix and Zed, Garen's spin-to-win, and a ton of Teemo's runs... but the one I had most fun on was helping animate and create Poro.