Bridget Dash

United Kingdom



Hi! I'm Bridget and I'm a Senior Recruiter for DNEG Animation. Be sure to check out our company bio to learn more about us! I originally started my career as an artist and sculptor for blockbuster films, commercials, music videos and even theme parks like Universal Studios. I'm in love with the artistic process in all its forms and am drawn to great storytelling and making the world more fun through art. It's for this reason, it is a dream to hire artists into a company that shares my love for fun, storytelling and collaborative creativity. I'm just a small part of the big process to creating amazing films but it never feels small as little movements make for bigger waves. Every stage of bringing in new talented people brings me a ton of joy...from seeking out artists across the globe, to listening to their journey and personal passions, getting to offer people jobs and finally getting to meet them in person in our all adds up to an amazing and rewarding job. I really look forward to hearing what brought you to your career and Trojan Horse and how DNEG Animation can help you keep your passion for storytelling alive!



6 Years of Experience