Filipe Teixeira


"Do, or do not... There is no try." - Master Yoda.

Acting & Voice Acting

Public Speaker

Sequential Art

Digital Artist



"Chaotic Good" Senior 2D Graphic Artist, Illustrator, actor, reenactor and teacher, residing in Lisbon, Portugal. His greatest passion is storytelling... And that leads him to sample a bit of everything that the world has to show, with a strong positive problem-solving mentality. All of this is supported by his strong natural social skills and a sharp analytical wit. Always balancing thoughtfully between talking and listening, He considers that these make him a strong team player and motivator as he strongly believes in the value of healthy interpersonal relationships and partnerships.

Work Experience

2015 -Present day

Historical Re-enactor

APRH - Associação Portuguesa de Recriação Histórica

Given my experience with martial arts, fencing, archery, shooting, acting & teaching, I was invited to join the group's historical sites presentations, with governmental partnership & support.

2002 -Present day

Mentoring / Lecturing


Invited several times to provide mentoring & speaking publicly, from software to visual narrative. Was also in the "Ambassador Program" at Miniclip, mentoring new joiners and representing the company.

2022 -2022

Art Director / Senior Graphic Artist (Remote)

Worked full-time remotely with the studio, providing consultant services for their upcoming mobile title, as well as early art direction during the project kickoff.

2019 -2021

Senior Graphic Artist (Contract / Remote)

Baba Entertainment

Working full-time remotely with the studio, providing props, backgrounds, characters, assets, promos for their flagship title: "Baba Wild Slots". Available in WEB & Mobile.

2019 -2021

Senior Graphic Artist (Freelance / Remote)


Recruited at THU 2018, I'm now currently part of LEGO's freelance artist roster. All related activities are covered by NDA.

2011 -2019

Senior Graphic Artist


Creating multiple assets, characters and 2D animations for almost all games. Mostly in charge of creating pool cues (in-app purchases), tables, logos and promos for "8 Ball Pool"

2009 -2011

2D Artist / Concept Artist

Biodroid Entertainment Group

2D Artist - Concept Artist, brought in to work on IP-based projects (Zblu Cops, Billabong, etc), and other advergames.

2006 -2008

2D Artist / Concept Artist / Voice Artist


Brought in to do concepts, assets, props, backgrounds and voices for Big Fish & Nintendo DS games. As well for animated tv series, of which I worked closely with the animators and producers.


2000 -2004

College Graduate

IADE - Institute for the Arts, Design & Marketing IADE - Institute for the Arts, Design & Marketing

Graphic Design - Communication Design

Full University degree, where I learned Graphic Design, Photography, Typography, Visual Storytelling & Semiotics, amongst other subjects.


Acting & Voice Acting

23 Years of Experience

Public Speaker

23 Years of Experience

Sequential Art

23 Years of Experience

Digital Artist

23 Years of Experience


20 Years of Experience

Graphic Artist - Concept Artist (Comics / Games / Animation)

16 Years of Experience


10 Years of Experience

Historical Re-enactor (Live Audience & Movies)

4 Years of Experience