Wacom Yuify

About Wacom Yuify

At Wacom, we are passionate about bringing people and technology closer together and providing artists and designers with the right tools to express their creativity. In 40 years, this has made us the leading manufacturer of digital pen tablets and displays that help creative professionals around the world to bring their ideas to life. 


Wacom Yuify is our new digital rights management tool that helps artists record their copyright and manage their artwork permissions. It empowers visual artists to proof, secure and claim their authorship and makes it easy to set and grant legally robust licenses directly, without the involvement of third party. Think of Yuify like a peer-to-peer platform that helps you prove that your photography and other 2D artworks is yours.


THU Career Camp is where we kick-off the Wacom Yuify early trials. Help us learn to improve the service so that it best meets your needs. Therefore, we invite you join our Test Camp Beta so that you can share feedback and try out new features exclusively. Check out the demo sessions and workshops during THU Career Camp for early access and more info on Yuify.


Join our Test Camp Beta (Europe only) by signing up to Wacom Yuify here.


Meet the Team

Joss Giffard-Burley

United Kingdom

Jeroen van't Hoofd


Avinav Khanal