About Weta

Weta Digital is the standard-bearer for creativity and innovation in visual effects and animation, attracting talent, partners, and clients that seek to push what is possible in pursuit of their artistic vision.


Our proprietary pipeline provides artists with tools they need to create their best work. Based in Wellington, New Zealand we are 1,500 of the most ambitious artists, engineers, and executives you’re likely to meet. 

Along the way, our ground-breaking work has earned six visual effects Academy Awards®, twelve Academy Sci-Tech Awards and six visual effects BAFTA Awards in addition to the 34 Visual Effects Society Awards awarded to us by our peers.


We’re known for performance-driven animated characters such as Gollum, Kong, Neytiri and Caesar as well as the worlds we create including Middle-earth, Pandora and countless others.


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Some of the 8 jobs offers by Weta

  • Matte Painter / Environment Generalist

    New Zealand & Remote


    3 + years

  • Performance Animator (Motion Editor)

    NZ Based & Remote


    3+ Years

  • FXTD

    New Zealand & Remote


    3 + years

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