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Main Event

THU is for everyone and here's why

Main Event

We always tell you about how THU is unique. We don't consider it an “art event”, at least not exclusively that. THU caters for different kinds of people with similar interests, but as we grow and evolve year after year, so does the Tribe. THU 2017, for example, is bringing the business side of creative industries to Troia, and this will help diversify the Tribe even more, helping those who come to the Main Event network and make the right connections. 

Everything we do is built around the community and our purpose is always the same: help improve the digital entertainment industry and create better, more prepared professionals for the job market.

If you have any doubts and are not sure THU is the right place for you, you can read more details on the kind of people who can attend our Main Event in Troia, Portugal, and sign up to our newsletter in case any tickets open up before September.

So who is THU for?

Student: if you are studying anything that has to do with art and creativity, you can join us to improve your skills, get professional advice, learn how to build an interesting portfolio, figure out which career path is best for you, and chat to your favorite artists about the future.

Artist: THU is an opportunity to network and get to know other fellow artists. You can learn from each other, share experiences, and perhaps, land a new gig. You can even think of starting a new project together! Another advantage of THU is that it can show you a different approach and help you revive your enthusiasm and love for what you do.

Creative: THU isn't just about Art, but also about finding inspiration, discovering your strengths and weaknesses and how to make the most of them. It stimulates your brain to go further, encouraging you to push yourself beyond what you see as your limits. This is why it's useful for anyone working in the creative industry, from animation and video games to theater and advertising.

Entrepreneur: with the introduction of the B-sides, we are now ready to have people working in creative business management and entrepreneurs join us. This specific activity is designed in order to help create a bridge of understanding between people who work in production or managerial positions, and artists. Often the two don't speak the same language, so it's important to know how to handle certain situations. It's also useful for those creatives who have an idea for an IP, but no idea on how to bring it to life.

Our community is truly open for everyone and we are committed to providing a friendly environment for all. Whatever your race, age, color, gender, and sexual orientation, you're always welcome at THU. If you live and die for creativity, this is where you belong.