Main Event

THU 2017 Mighty Knights

Main Event

This year's list of Mighty Knights keeps getting longer and more diverse than ever. We have invited speakers from different fields and with different skills to make sure that you will find what you're looking for at THU 2017: The Epoch of Belief.

Whether it's an inspiring talk by one of our amazing artists, such as Iain McCaig, Jorge Gutiérrez, Eric Goldberg, or Alberto Mielgo, or it's a creative business advice from Scott Ross, Molly Hahn, or Cephas Howard, there will be something for each one of you.

THU encourages attendees and speakers to interact as much as possible and creates an atmosphere that allows for this to happen. You can get feedback on your work, advice for the future, or even just enjoy a drink with your favorite artist. If you've missed any of our announcements on our Facebook pagehere's a list of the confirmed Knights so far.

THU 2017 Might Knights:

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