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The economic benefits of the Creative industries


Many people never think of Art as a viable career option and continue pursuing it as a hobby. It was almost understandable years ago, but today statistics prove that this kind of reasoning is flawed. 

According to a 2015 study, creative industries employ about 29 million people worldwide and generate $2,230 billions in revenues.

The total revenues generated by the Visual Arts, Gaming, and Film industry are of $567 billion. These fields alone employ almost 10 million people.

Then why is it that many talented artists abandon their ambitions and opt for a different career? A lot is due to a society which is struggling to keep up with this ever-expanding field and to cultural taboos. But a lot is also due to the lack of vision of many artists who don’t consider the broad variety of career options available within these industries.Click on the image above to enlarge it

At THU we are committed to changing this vision. Our industry is in full bloom and needs more talented and professional artists than ever. Everything THU does, from the structure of the Main Event, to the TV shows, is aimed at helping the digital entertainment industry grow, creating more job opportunities for the community, and helping creative professionals improve their skills and land the job of their dreams.